Eleven .mp3 interviews perfect for listening on your iPod, phone, computer -
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 This summer, 2x World Championship Finalist and Castmember in Speak, Rich Hopkins,
held 9 conversations with his fellow Finalists...

...asking the questions he's been asked by people all over the world!

They shared their first-hand, behind-the-scenes experiences with him, and now you can hear their answers in

"What does it take to get to the Big Stage?"

"How much feedback do you really need?"

"What would you do differently next time around?" 

Charlie Wilson     Colin William     Henry Flowers IV    Martin Presse

"How did you feel having a film crew follow you during one of the most important journeys of your life?"

"Was the dinner two nights before the contest nothing more than a mindgame?"

"How has SPEAK changed your life?"

    Loghandrian             Katherine             Robert
       Krishnasamy             Morrison          MacKenzie

         2nd, 2008              3rd, 2008           2nd 2009

"What did you wish hadn't been put in the movie?"

"How does it feel to have a 'loss' permanently on display?"

"What misconceptions were in the movie about you, or your family life?"

Jock Elliott, 6x Finalist
2011 World Champion of Public Speaking

Speak Alumni Jock Elliott went on to win the contest in 2011,
and he gives us a candid look at his experiences,
and what it's like to finally win the Big Trophy.


  Jim Key, 2003 WCPS        Rich Hopkins, 2008 Finalist


What about Rich? He invited 2003 World Champion Jim Key to grill HIM,
turning the tables as the Champ pulled no punches -

 from Rich's financial struggles at the time to his competitive mindset...

to his motivation to continue to compete the next year - and beyond...

to how he thought the movie portrayed him as his dream
of a championship shattered before him, forever on film...


these interviews are available NOW for just $10


Director/Producer Brian Weidling discusses his vision for SPEAK,
and how well that played out as he and fellow filmmaker Paul Galichia
followed contestants throughout the world on their journey...

...and Sonya Rundles, sister of 2008 World Champion of Public Speaking
LaShunda Rundles, updating us on life after LaShunda's death
in August 2012, from her nephew Dennis to carrying on LaShunda's legacy
to her own potential as a speaker and inspiration to the world.

This set of digital audios includes over 6 hours of insight
about Speak the Movie, Competing at the highest levels of Toastmasters,
Professional Speaking, and offers a never-before-heard
perspective from the contestants themselves about the high-stress, high-stakes

World Championship of Public Speaking


This .mp3 set is available for an instant download - but I'll also be
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